5 of 5 stars Reviewed 14 March 2012
Wonderful selection of curries on menu, freshly cooked and the one 1 had WAS DELICIOUS, Visited March 2012

“The taste of india”
4 of 5 stars Reviewed 20 February 2012
Really enjoyed the food highly recommended would go back there again on my next visit, Visited February 2012

“Good Food”
4 of 5 stars Reviewed 9 December 2011
Authentic food and helpfull staff. Excellent choice on the menu and good selection of beers

“Good food and friendly service”
4 of 5 stars Reviewed 3 December 2011
We enjoyed our meal which was well cooked and presented. Staff were good, attending well to our needs.

“Very nice food, excellent service, reasonably priced”
4 of 5 stars Reviewed 23 September 2011
Went for dinner tonight after a very busy day in Seattle. Attentive service, food arrived promptly and was of high quality. Roghan Josh and Chicken Masala in particular were delicious. Reasonably priced, Visited September 2011

“I just love it”
Show me another Indian lunch buffet for less than $10 that INCLUDES samosas? There aren’t any! Having visited virtually every single Indian buffet in the city limits of Seattle, I can confidently say that this is one of the best in the area.

Lots of vegetarian and meat options? Check.
Frequent replenishing the buffet so food is always hot and fresh? Check.
Changing daily buffet items? Check.
Clean and attentive water service? Check.

Pabla has fresh naan, pretty good saag paneer, SAMOSAS!, fresh fruit and salds to go along with plenty of daals and stews.

My only complaint is that they always have either chicken or goat curry as one of the two meat options. C’mon. Get creative and mix it up!

All in all, it’s a great place to have a quick, but extremely filling lunch. Make sure you don’t have much planned for your afternoon because you’re bound to get a food coma, visited 12/6/2011

“I do think this place a little pricey, but it is pretty good”
I don’t really have much to say about the service, but the food seemed pretty authentic. The staff was very kind and I the decor wasn’t bad. I ordered the chicken vindaloo and that was really good. There was a little more vinegar in it than I had expected, but it was perfect. The chicken was seasoned very well and the food was very flavorful.

The takeout containers were solid and that’s a huge concern with me. I’ve had many takeout orders that ended up falling apart in my car and I had to eat dinner or lunch out of a plastic bag as if I was in China again. Yes, less fancy places in China will straight up spoon your food into a plastic bag and give you a spoon. Sometimes if you buy a soda or something (anything that comes in glass bottle), they pour the contents into a bag and give you a straw. It’s kind of awesome, really. Anyway, my takeout was in good solid plastic containers and the food was placed in a gift bag personalized with the Pabla logo and locations. That was kind of awesome.

The portions were also of value. I paid about $15 for my dish and I got $15 worth of food, visited 11/7/2011

“Best in town”
Food is comparable to the other indian buffet. I like their naan and chicken curry. It is packed during the lunch hour, visited 3/2/2012

“Yummy Food”
Ever wondered what happens when you spend your lunch hours stuffing your face, pants-stretching Thanksgiving style, with delicious all-you-can-eat Indian buffet? 15 pounds, that’s what happens.
So, try to exercise restraint when presented with Pabla’s bounty. Always at least 3-4 vegetarian dishes. Fresh salads and marinated vegetables. Yummy tandoori chicken and loads of naan and samosas. This buffet is over and beyond any other buffet I’ve sampled. From what I’ve observed, the dishes are replenished regularly throughout the lunch hour so all items stay fresh.
Save room for dessert, too. They have these scrumptious little gold-colored squares, I don’t know what they are called but they are kind of like fudge, you should eat one.
Oh, and goat curry on Thursdays, if you’re into that, visited 7/5/2011

“I will come back again”
I’d eat here again. I’m sure Seattle has a ton of great Indian restaurants, but my friends and I were in the neighborhood and decided on Pabla. Hey, who doesn’t love all you can eat Paneer Masala? Besides my favorite, though, the samosas, garlic nan, and Aloo Gobi were also excellent. Obviously I’m not a big meat eater, but it looked like the buffet had a decent selection of chicken, lamb, and goat.

The restaurant and restrooms were clean, and our server was always nearby to refill our drinks.

I generally think smaller people are at a disadvantage with buffet-style restaurants, and even if I could eat exorbitant amounts of food in a single sitting I would hope that I wouldn’t. Anyways, I always leave these restaurants feeling like I paid too much, but the buffet price at Pabla was fair. Overall, good lunch experience! visited 5/17/2011

“Wear elastic pants”
Mmmm. When coming here for lunch, wear elastic pants. Otherwise, you may be uncomfortably full upon leaving. Fresh plain and garlic naan, yellow rice, an array of meat and veggie dishes, pakoras, and rice pudding for dessert! I’m always ready for a mid-afternoon siesta when I come here, so plan accordingly.

The spice level varies from dish to dish, and it’s not marked which of the dishes are spicy. If you’re a sensitive nancy with the spices, you may have some tingly mouth issues.

Btw, the service is spotty. Luckily, lunch is buffet so you won’t feel how much the servers dislike serving unless you’re trying to get your drink on. The last time I was here, the server wouldn’t seat anyone at the 6-seater tables, and half the restaurant was empty with a line out the door, hence 3 stars. Lame! visited 5/24/2011

“Simply Fantastic”
I’ll hit up this place a couple times a month on my lunch break. I like Indian food and my coworker is a vegetarian so this place works out well for the both of us.

During lunch hours they have an all you can eat buffet with varying choices that are always good. The price is about $9 for the buffet, so it’s a little more than I typically like to pay for lunch, but the food is always well prepared. It does get busy right around noon, so going early or late is your best bet.

The only complaint I have, and it’s minor, is the seating arrangements. The place is dominated by 4 person tables while, during lunch, it seems like it’s mostly groups of 2 that go there. That leads to either a bit of wait for a table or sometimes they give you the option of sharing a table with another party. That’s not bad but considering it’s a buffet, you can find yourself having to get up a few times so the people you’re sharing the table with can get more food, visited 2/17/2011

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